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Founded by Süleyman Çetinsaya, ARTAS Group is taking firm steps toward the goal of creating a contemporary and modern life by means of merging its knowledge and experience of 40 years in the industry with the political and economic progress of Turkey. Group; is mainly operating in the fields of real estate development, retailing and tourism industries.

Group has become one of the pioneers of branding in the housing industry with "Avrupa Konutları", and built a total of 15 thousand houses since 2006 under this brand and under different brands. Introducing the high standards of Avrupa Konutları, and intending to render the best services to the guests after quick and quality production and delivery, Avrupa Konutları played an active role in the development of various regions in Istanbul by means of unveiling the concept of housing which has evolved in parallel with the conditions of modern city. In addition to earning customers` trust thanks to the right projects at the right locations, it also ensured high premiums with the right sales policy. Avrupa Konutları has become one of the leading brands in the industry thanks to its contributions both to the customers and the national economy. Continuing the instruction works of 5000 houses in 2016, the parent company ARTAS GROUP is taking firm steps toward its goals in real estate industry.

Reflecting its experience in the construction industry on retailing and tourism industries, ARTAS Group has also responded to the needs in these fields by unveiling various projects. Owning a leasable area of 300.000 square meters in the retailing industry, the Group intends to increase this figures up to 500.000 square meters within the next five years. ARTAS built and has been managing 4 shopping malls and is continuing its investments in the retail industry. Having 30 years of experience in the tourism industry, Group has been operating 5 hotels with a capacity of 1250 rooms. With a successful performance in the fields of operation and management, the Group also undertakes the operation of hotel projects and the management of houses and Shopping Malls, all built by the Group. ARTAS Group has been employing 7000 employees as an indicator of its contribution to the national economy and is continuing to unveil high quality houses for a peaceful life.


Invest Group which was founded by Bahattin Uçar in 1992 and which started its commercial activities then, has been continuing its operations in the sectors of construction, textiles and energy. Invest Group which has been continually growing via its breakthroughs in various sectors, is maintaining its activities in real estate development and contractor services by achieving great success. Pioneering and paving the way in the sectors of its activity, Invest İnşaat is a solution partner in substructure/superstructure projects besides many housing projects it has realized. Actively pursuing its projects in the construction sector, Invest İnşaat continues the development of new projects without break besides realizing the greatest real estate projects of Turkey -such as Vadistanbul, Express24, Çekmece Gölevleri, Vadikoru, Başakport and Veliefendi.

Objective of Invest Group is to be among the pioneering companies of Turkey in its sector of activity and thereby to provide maximum value production for domestic economy and its customers.


Situated on the land of EVYAP in Maslak by ARTAS Group and INVEST Construction, the pioneering brands in the real estate industry, Vadistanbul is nested in an area surrounded by the Belgrade Forest. Vadistanbul, which has been developed on a total area of 424 thousand square meters of land, is comprised of three separate stages. The project will comprise 1915 flats, a 103.000 square meter shopping centre, and 22.000 square meters of shopping stores on a 760 meter long street, restaurants, an office area of 300.000 square meters and a 5 star hotel which possesses a total area of 25.500 square meters. Vadistanbul has been designed by Iki Design, the award winning architectural office of Turkey, and SOM Architecture, an American company, which has signed its name to the world’s renowned projects.

Within the scope of the project, the first air-rail (HAVA-RAY) line in Turkey will run through Vadistanbul as well. The air rail line built by the Vadistanbul Partnership is planned to connect the project to the city centre. The Vadistanbul project being undertaken at a point which is nested within nature assumes an unmatched panorama along with the Sadabad River, which carries the clean water of the Bosphorus and flows through the project from one end to the other. The living areas being created around this natural stream flowing through Vadistanbul will also provide a unique pleasure, lending colour and vividness to the region. Vadistanbul, the most valuable and highly profitable location in Istanbul, has the characteristic of being a residential centre which is able to offer easy access in each and every direction via its TEM main road, metro and the Third Bridge connecting routes.

The Vadistanbul Teras, the first stage of Vadistanbul, is made up of a total of 1.111 flats in 8 blocks. In Teras, the delivery of which was made in July 2014, all the privileges that keep social life alive such as sports centres, nurseries, playgrounds, hairdressers and markets have simultaneously been put into service.

The Vadistanbul Boulevard as the second stage of the project has the characteristics of being the largest office complex in Turkey with shopping center, shopping street, cafes and restaurants and an international 5 star hotel that exist within its structure. The Boulevard with all its accessories designed in such way to create cross value for one another stands out as the first and only composite-project that contains all kinds of life functions on a horizontal plane. The Boulevard, the launch of which was made in February 2014, has been of national and international interest for investors. With its daily population of 35.000, the Boulevard has been positioned as a new city centre and is anticipated to be one of the most vigorous trade areas in Istanbul, integrating the business world with that of shopping, entertainment, culture-art and tourism. Offering a total of 300,000 square metres of office areas, the Boulevard will have the second largest car park with its capacity of 6000 cars after Ataturk Airport. 23 per cent of the shops at Boulevard are planned to be comprised of catering. Within such a distribution of its being at the heart of the city, by the Sadabad River and with a view of the Belgrade Forest, Vadistanbul aims to be a new destination for food and beverage. Awarded as the best Shopping Mall and Office Project at the European Property Awards – EPA, the office blocks of Vadistanbul Boulevard delivered in August 2016, as shell & core.

As the Vadistanbul Park, the third and final stage of Vadistanbul, is comprised of a total of 804 flats, its 120.000 square metres of space for office and 22.000 square metres for shops are within the project. With its mainly 3+1 and 4+1flats, the Vadistanbul Park is to build great happiness for families and to offer its residents a comfortable and colourful life with its nurseries, the metro-access to the air-line, shopping centres, shopping street, parks and cafes that cater for all needs.








Each property offers a unique and utterly different Istanbul experience!

  • Vadistanbul


    On one side you have Istanbul’s breathe, the Belgrade Forest, evergreen at each and every season of the year. On the other side you have the Sadabad River, flowing with fresh water coming from the Bosphorus. And above, you have the starry night sky. This is Vadistanbul Terrace. Here, silence and tranquility is standard. Come and take your place in this unique life with its numerous privileges.

  • Vadistanbul


    On one side you have Istanbul’s breathe, the Belgrade Forest, evergreen at each and every season of the year. On the other side you have the Sadabad River, flowing with fresh water coming from the Bosphorus. And above, you have the starry night sky. This is Vadistanbul Terrace. Here, silence and tranquility is standard. Come and take your place in this unique life with its numerous privileges.



What awaits you in the biggest office complex in Turkey? Spacious office options, a 760-meter-long Shopping Avenue open till midnight, stores of prestigious world brands, the serenity of the Sadabad River and the Belgrade Forest, a metro line exclusively built for Vadistanbul, and quick access to the main connection points of İstanbul… This is Vadistanbul Boulevard. Here you’ll live Istanbul, delightfully.

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High Standarts...

Just beside the Vadistanbul Terrace and Boulevard phases, and with a beautiful view of the Sadabad River and the Belgrade Forest, there rises the Vadistanbul Park, the last phase of the project. Step into a life of high standards with the residence and office options of the Vadistanbul Park.

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76,63 m²
98,33 m²
846.370 TL
1.138.890 TL
123,03 m²
166,38 m²
1.191.271 TL
1.886.750 TL
179,26 m²
223,81 m²
1.787.790 TL
2.701.400 TL
210,55 m²
213,23 m²
2.046.420 TL
2.797.290 TL
256,85 m²
265,65 m²
2.874.000 TL
3.161.100 TL

* VAT IS INCLUDED in the Sales Price. Construction servitude expenses, condominium expenses, contractor service fees, notary expenses at the time of concluding the contract (upon request), notary expenses for delegation of power, credit expenses, life insurance expenses, mortgage releasing expenses, infrastructural expenses (subscription- counter expenses for electricity, water, natural gas and all kinds of subscription deposits, contractual stamp tax, the declaration number 2 fee for occupancy permit, compulasory earthquake insurance (DASK) policy fee for housing purchasing transactions as well as taxes, duties and charges for title deed transcations are INCLUDED. * Installments are through bank housing credits. * VADISTANBUL PROJECT reserves the right to amend the terms and duration of the campaign. * No charges or commission fees (except life insurance expenses) are applied for credit transactions.

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