Vadistanbul Park

Vadistanbul Park is growing with large green fields just beneath Belgrad Forest to provide a unique experience in Istanbul…

Vadistanbul Bulvar

Vadistanbul Bulvar is brought into being for being one of the colorful trade areas of Istanbul by gathering business world, shopping, entertainment and tourism. Vadistanbul Bulvar, which is designed as all functions provide cross values for each other, is the first and only mixed project that includes all types of life functions on horizontal plan.

Vadistanbul Teras

Life starts in “Teras” stage of Vadistanbul that builds “Another İstanbul”, which is 250.000 sqm and has just been completed in 17 months in the heart of the city… In that stage, in which 1.111 residences take place in total; all privileges that keep social life alive such as swimming pools, sports center, kindergarden, playgrounds, coiffeur, supermarket; are put into service…


One half is the future, the other is investment

Vadistanbul, which is one of the biggest mixed projects of Istanbul with its entire construction site, includes several functions within its own scope such as; residence, office, hotel, shopping center, shopping street…

Hurry up to take your seat in a prestigious and peaceful life!

Address: Ayazağa Mah. Kemerburgaz Cad. No:1/A Sarıyer – İstanbul

Phone: 444 53 35

Fax: (0212) 289 53 35


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